quarta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2007

Humor and Menu

Mr. Clair was enjoying a quiet holiday at a small inn in a quaint town in Quebec. The first evening he arrived at the restaurant at about six o'clock and was escorted by the waite to a small table for two in the corner.
Soon after, he was joined by a distinguished-looking French gentleman who, before sitting down, politely bowed and said, "Bon Appétit." Without a moment's hesitation, Clair got up, returned the bow and said, "Clair".

The same little ceremony was repeated at each meal for the next three days. The Frenchman said "Bon Appétit" and Clair replied with his name. But by the fourth day, Clair was getting confused, so he decided to ask the bartender. "I can't figure it out. It's the same thing every night. The first time, we introduced ourselves. I can undestand that. But why keep up the ame thing day after day?" "You've got it all wrong, Mr.Clair," replied the bartender. "Bon appétit isn't his name. It's a French expression meaning 'I hope you have a pleasant meal.' " "Ah!" exclaimed Clair. "That explains it."

That evening it was Mr. Clair who arrived late for dinner. Before sittind down he bowed politely and said, "Bon Appétit". The Frenchman rose, smiled, and replied, "Clair".

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