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Uso de preposições - In at on - Lugar

Hi there,

A strong rain seems to be coming very soon, from my window I can see flashes of lightning drawing the sky...anyway...

So, let's see something else about "preposition".

Preposições que indicam "lugar"===>IN AT ON

Usamos IN para indicar algo dentro de algum lugar, ex:

in a garden,
in a box,
in a town/city,
in a country.

AT é usado para situar algo em determinado lugar, ex:

at the bus stop,
at the window,
at the top(of the page),
at the botton(of the page),
at the end(of the street).

ON usamos para algo sobre algum lugar, ex:

on the wall,
on the floor,
on a chair,
on your nose,
on your shirt.

Agora veja a seguir:

There were a lot of people in the shop.
Turn right at the shop(informando o caminho a alguém)

There is some wine in the bottle.
There is label on the bottle.

There is somebody at the door.(há alguém à porta)
There is a notice on the door.It says "do not disturb".

Bem, por hoje é só...and it have not rained yet....Bye.

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