domingo, 14 de outubro de 2007

Some Slang American

Hi there,

I hope all of you have really enjoied your long weekend.
Now, I am coming up with some slang American to encrease your vocabulary:

My father is a smoke eater.(fireman)

I feel like I am going to puke.(vomit)

The john really smells.(bathroom)

He made megabucks when he sold his company.(a lot of money)

I think I am going bonkers.(crazy)

My motorcycle's carb is out of adjustment.(carburetor

He has been up ever since he met his new girlfriend.(happy and cheerful)

The homework the teacher gave us was mickey mouse.(nonsense and waste of time)

Get your paws off of my body.(hands)

He flipped out when he heard that his mother had been killed.(lost control)

Hey, don't repo my car. I will pay next week.(repossess)

Your proposal was a hit with the boss.(successful)

This is a sale. Everything is up for grabs.(available)

Well, that's all for now...have a nice week...


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Anônimo disse...

Oi vc precisa colocar a tradução tbm, pq mta gente n entende..........obrigada

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