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Might as well

Listen to the lesson below:

Might as well


This is a very useful expression that is not commonly known by non-native speakers. If we say that we "might as well" do something, we mean that we should do it because there is no reason not to do it. It is commonly used when we have no strong opinions about what we should do. The feeling to do something and the feeling not to do it are almost the same, but the feeling to do it is probably a little bit stronger, so we "might as well" do it.

Example sentences:

1. I might as well do it.
2. We might as well go to the pub on the corner.
3. If you are going to do something, you might as well do it right.

Example dialogue:

Two friends are talking about where to go hiking.

A: Where should we go hiking?
B: I'm not sure. We could hike around the lake or we could hike through the forest.
They are both really nice hikes.
A: Which one is shorter?
B: The lake hike is shorter.
A: Then we might as well do that one.


Try to use "might as well" in your own sentence.

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A lição acima foi transcrita na integra do site english1010. Aparentemente esse site não sofre atualizações desde 2005, o que é uma pena!!Mas vale a pena uma visita.

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