quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2007

Three words phrasal verbs

....nobody lives without them.

Ai vão uns poucos, porém bem usuais, procure usá-los no seu dia-a-dia(daily basis), acho que é a única maneira de aprendê-los:

come up with: John came up with new ideas over the meeting.(surgir com)

cut down on : You have to cut down on sweets if you want to lose weight.(cortar, deixar de fazer algo)

miss out on: Why didn't you come. You missed out on a great movie.(perder, faltar)

get away with: The man will be punished by a crime and he will not get away with it.(escapar)

made up for: The airline will make up for the missing luggages.(compensar)

live up to: The movie was great but it didn't live up to our expectations.(superar uma expectiva)

follow up on: You suggetion was very good. We will follow up on it.(seguir, acompanhar)

look out for: Look out for, the car is coming fast.(prestar atenção)

put up with: That place was so noisy, how did you put up with it.(suportar, aguentar)

catch up with: If we go fast, we can catch up with them.(alcançar)

get through with: May I borrow your book when you get through with it.(terminar)

fill in for: Who fill in for Martin while he is away?(substituir)

give up on: Don't be late or they are going to give up on you.(desistir de esperar)

Well....espero que isso possa ajudá-los...pratiquem!!! bye bye.

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mimi ka. disse...

Ah eu uso todas ahahah! Ah... nao na verdade só não isava CUT DOWN ON! BJs

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