quarta-feira, 27 de junho de 2007

Planning with Jesus

If you want to plan your life, your carrier, you should learn about some principles of Jesus and the way he handled his life and succeed his plan.

Plan, this is the base to succeed. You must have plan and Jesus had one, he obeyed and followed it through, he knew where he was going to and kept on it. A plan make you take control over our energies and activities.

Do you get ready to do what you want to do? Inadequated prepare causes you to fail with negatives results. Jesus had worked on in for thirty years until he got ready to start his plan. Parable_of_the_Ten_Virgins teach us about the inadequated prepare.

Do not be trapped by arrogance, because arrogance is not only intolerable but also a bad business. The best way to avoid falling into this trap is to pratice the humility, even Jesus, being who he was as the Son of God, got on his knees before humble men and washed their feet.

Learn to say thanks. It could be hard to say thanks in every occasion or situation but do it like Jesus and say thanks often.

Do not retain all the Glory for yourself. Jesus gave us an example about that specially when it comes to compliment someone else before the others. We can see that when Jesus talked about John Baptist which was devotade servant of Jesus.

Establish authority. Whatever you do, you must know the extension of your authority and you must carry it out. Jesus took up the responsability based on the authority of the Scriptures and the commission that he had received from his Father. In fact he used to submit to a higher authority - Luke 22:42

. Be a servant. That's what Jesus emphasized all the time, we should be servants, we should give the others importance, believe them and help them to make their dreams come true. Take care of the people around you and you will find the way to succeed what you want.

Teach. Be a master, be a success, be like Jesus following his example. Jesus was called Master, Rabi, because he was always teaching something to someone and the four Gospels show us the light of teaching. Everyone of us has something to teach.

Well, hopefully you should enjoy it for your personal life, your carrier and your English too.


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