quarta-feira, 6 de junho de 2007

Hit the road

Well my dear readers,

some of you or many of you are most likely just getting ready packing your bags to go out to somewhere because of the long weekend due to the holiday on Thursday.

Before hitting the road be sure everything is okay with your car(headlight, foglight, windshield wiper, brake light, blinker, tire, brake, oil) .

Maybe you'll spend some time in traffic jam during the trip, any way enjoy it yourself as much as you can.


hit the road: pegar a estrada

headlight : farol

foglight: farol de neblina

windshield wiper: limpador de parabrisa

brake light: luz de freio

brake: freio

blinker: pisca-pisca

tire: pneu

oil: óleo

traffic jam: congestionamento

I won't hit the road at this time, I will just stick around.


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