quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2007

Usefull Expressions...

Hi Guys, hope you had enjoyed your holiday! well...before going on with "Tempos Verbais", let´s see some common expressions that could be of use in your daily base:

A little bird told me: we use when we get an information, we can talk about that but we don't want to reveal the source
Ex.: A little bird told me he bought a new car.
Behind the eight ball: we use it when we are in a difficult position or a difficult situation.
Ex.: I did not study enough for the exam, so I am behind the eight ball now.
Chicken feed: we use that when we mean that it is a very small amount of money.
Ex.: The money I received from the company is chicken feed.
Drop the ball: we say that when we make a big mistake or fail at something.
Ex.: We have to performe the play very well tonight. We can not drop the ball.
Eat like a bird: if someone eats like a bird, they usually eat smalls amounts of food.
Ex.: Mary has eaten like a bird lately.
Follow through: if we follow through or follow through with something, we continue doing it until it's finished, we do not give up.
Ex.: You have to follow through with your English studies.
Get one's feet wet: if someone gets their feet wet they are doing something or participate in something by the first time.
Ex.: I have just started my new job today it is a bit difficult because I'm still getting my feet wet.
Have a ball
: we say that when we are realy enjoying something.
Ex.: We had a ball last night at the movie.
In the red: we use it when we owe much money.
Ex.: I put all my money on this car I am in the red now.
Know by heart: we say that when we know something from memory.
Ex.: You must know this song by heart.

Hope it helps you all. See you...

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