sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2007

Estudo de texto

Leia o diálogo abaixo, e para ouví-lo basta clicar aqui . As palavras e frases que estão em negrito são explicadas por Jill e Steve logo após o áudio de diálogo.

Do you mean they have lived together for half year? They must be boyfriend and girlfriend.

I have no idea. When did your brother stop writing to you?

It has only been a few weeks since he stopped writing.

You see, it is not because of this girl that he stopped writing e-mails to you.

That is true; I guess he wrote me regularly until a few weeks ago. So, why did he stop then?

Well, let’s try to figure out what happened. How often did he email you?

That is hard to say, he wrote quite often.

Did you always answer him?

I would always try to answer him as soon as possible.

But how many times did you not answer him?

It depended on how many work I had to do.

You always wrote by email?

Yes, we kept in touch by e-mail; I did not need to know where he lived.

How many e-mails did you get from him every month?

I got lots of e-mails every month; I was always excited to get his e-mails. Why did you not try to visit him before?

I was busy, besides I thought he was still away at school


Enjoy it yourself. See you.

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