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Improving Your Vocabulary

There are many ways to improve your vocabulary. It´s important to know your goals in order to best choose the way in which you want to learn. Reading can be a great way to help you improve your vocabulary, however it will not be much help on a vocabulary test next week and it will not help you to create context. Let´s see below what you also should do to improve your vocabulary: 1. Vocabulary trees Since you have mapped out it, you will find yourself thinking in vocabulary groups so when you see cup your mind will quickly relate to such words as fork, dishes, knife, etc. See below an example of vocabulary tree:

2. Vocabulary themes Create a list of vocabulary, include the vocabulary, definition and an example sentence for each of them, example:

stove: on the stove you can cook your dinner
I go to the supermarket to buy food to cook my dinner

3. Use technology to help you
Watching DVD is a great way to help you to understand what native-speakers say.

4. Specific vocabulary
Use specific lists to help you prepare for the type of words you need for work, school, hobby.

5. Make use of "flash-cards"
where there is a name on one side and the figure on the other side or an expression and respective meaning on the other side.

6. Add to you dayly life all the vocabulary you have learnt.

7. Talk to native-speakers as much as you can.

Also, it´s important to give your brain a rest to process all information you have got so you will not get bogged down so....relax and enjoy!!!

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