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Four quickly hints to achieve the desired learning outcome

1. Plan 20 minutes a day to improve your language skills.

2. Organise you learning through Data Systems(your personal English study organizer): This means you divide your notebook into five parts for listening, speaking, grammar, reading and writing, then:

  • write down words or expression you hear or read which are most relevant for you needs;
  • make notes of you commom errors and review them regularly.
Objective: to find models quickly and easily when you need them.
  • Use the resources available to you, TV, tapes, CDs internet, magazines, newspapers, audio book...
Objective: to help you to get used to different accents, pronunciation and fluency; to increase your range of vacabulary, and structures within a context; to get exposure to colloquial language.

3. Strategies:

  • Listening: focus on content words which give you the main idea. You don't have to understand every word. Summarise information.
Objective: to increase your familiarity with the language.
  • Speaking: substitute information models(e.g.How about...?) according to a specific situation. Speech routines in specific settings.
Objective: to help you to direct, precise and accurate.
  • Grammar: choose a structure of the week, look/listen for patterns in articles, books, emails,TV news, songs...Write the patters down and make up your ons sentences.
Objective: to give you a framework to express yourself accurately.
  • Vocabulary: mind map a topic group then write a paragraph using the new word(weather>rainy/sunny/cloudy/overcast...)
Objective: to expand and build up confidence to use new words.
  • Reading: read aloud in chunks. Avoid reading word by word.
Objective: to improve pronunciation, rhythm, intonation leading to fluency.
  • Wrinting: keep examples of letters, e-mails, memos, repor style according to your area of interest.
Objective: to have easy access to useful expressions that are regularly used.

4. Take risks and try to depend on yourself more.

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