quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2007


Veja abaixo alguns phrasal verbs com GIVE:

They give in to the striker's demands. (to surrender : ceder)

Water, when boiled, always gives off steam. (to release : liberar)

Some flowers gave off a strange odor. (to produce : produzir/exalar)

They gave out a sample of the perfume to each customer. (to distribute : distribuir)

I plan to stay there until my money gives out. (to terminate : acabar)

The King gave up his throne to get married the woman he loved. (to renounce: renunciar)

Neve give up learning English. (to renounce : desistir)

Veja outros phrasal verbs clicando aqui. Bye Bye

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mimi ka. disse...

Oiii! Voltei camarada! ahahah!
Passando pra avisar e dizer q senti saudades! BJS
Ah e give it away??

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