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Like X As

Hi there,
today we are going to work a little bit harder. Last posts have been so light that I decided to write about something not so light but that might cause some confusion at times. So, let's clarify that: - Like X As
Like = "Similar to", "the same as", note you cannot use as in this way:
  • It's like a mansion(not as a mansion)
  • He's a doctor, like me(not as me)
  • It's like surfing on the snow(not as surfing)

In these sentences, like is a preposition, it is followed by a noun(like a mansion), a pronoun (like me) or -ing(like surfing). We can also use like when somebody/something is doing something:

  • What's that sound? It sounds like someone crying.

As = we use it before a subject+verb:

  • The place have changed a bit, everything is as I left.
  • He did as he promised.

Compare: like and as.

  • Look. It has to be done like this.(like + pronoun)
  • Look. It has to be done as I told you.(as + subject + verb)

We also say: as usual, as always.

Take a look at it:

  • During the F1 the streets was used as a parking.(it really was a parking)
  • There are some car parked near by, the street is like a parking(it isn't really a parking)

Mark is the direcito. As the director, he has many things to intend to.(As the director: in his position as a the director)

George is the assistant director. Like the director (Mark), he also has many things to be in charge of.(Like the director: similar to the director)

It was not that hard, wasn't it?


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