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Expressions / phrasal verbs

Read the text below:

The guide was pointed out to a group of tourists the most important building in the city. The trip around that part of the city would be over in few seconds, then the guide said: - The time is up guys and we must be hurry if we want to arrive at the museum on time. One of the tourists said: I'm getting tired and I also have a headache. Well...in this case, said the guide, you'd better go to hotel but the woman answered: I'd rather be with the group, by the way I think I have a painkiller in my bag, I don't want to put off my visit to that museum.

Dears, the idea of this text is to learn some expressions in a proper context and some phrasal verbs as well. Let´s study some of them:

point out: to indicate(pv)

to be over: to be finished, ended (pv)

to be up: to be ended, said only of time (pv)

on time: exactly at or before an appointed time

to get tired(sick, well, wet,angry, etc:(to become..., different adverbs may be used after get in this construcion)

had better: it is advisable to, it would be better to, most often used in contracted form such as I'd better, you'd better, etc..

would rather: to prefer to

by the way: incidentally

painkiller: analgesic

to put off: to postpone (pv)

pv= phrasal verb

That's all for now today....I hope you enjoy it.

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