terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2007

Trends in Restaurantes

According to statistics, people are eating out more often than ever before, but they're spending less time and money for each meal. For better or worse, the convenience of fast-food has become a way of life. The character of the traditional full-service restaurante is changing as well. Here are a few of the new trends: friendly waiters and waitresses - don´t be surprised if you are greeted with a friendly Hi, I'm Brenda, I will be your waitress this evening. salad bars - your friendly waiter or waitress will often invite you to visit the salad bar, where you can help yourself to a variety of vegetables, fruit, cheese, and the like. smoking sections - when you arrive at the restaurant or when you call to make a reservation, you may be asked if you prefer to sit in a smoking or non-smoking section.


eating out: sair para comer fora

be greet with: ser saudado, ser bem recebido

the like: similares

Enjoy it and take care.

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