domingo, 29 de abril de 2007

Hi there,
today is Sunday and the Fall/Autumn has come indeed. The sun is not shinning but the temperature is good, the air is crisp although there are a lot of clouds in the sky, as a matter of fact the sky is totally covered, drizzling on and off... It is a tipical Paulistano Sunday holiday eve, it suggests something like watching a movie and you could still take the chance to study English while seeing the movie you like best, try to see it with the caption on so you hear and see what it is being said.Ohhhh, do not forget the popcorn!! So, enjoy your weather can be subject of small talk(quanto se quer puxar conversa), I listed below some words to describe weather:

nice/lovely/glorious good weather: tempo bom com bastante sol.

bright: sol com brilho intenso.

dry: tempo seco, sem chuva.

drizzle: garoa.

shower: chuva rápida.

downpour: chuva muito forte por um curto período de tempo.

it's pouring down:(British English): quando está chovendo muito forte.

it's pouring rain: (American English): quando está chovendo muito forte.

it's drizzling: está garoando.

cloudy: quando céu está encoberto(cloudy day).

grey/dull: nublado.

hot/boiling/blazing/burning/baking: (hot) extremamente quente.

warm: quente, mas agradável.

crisp: crisp weather: está frio e seco mas de uma forma agradável.

chilly: frio, úmido.

cool: um pouco frio, mas agradável.

See you

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