sábado, 17 de maio de 2008

Expressão: Let's get straight

Tomar conhecimento, compreender, analisar uma situação, entender bem algo que está acontecendo, esclarecer.
John is a judge and he has to come to a final decision, so he must get things straight.
Let´s get something straight, I am the boss here, ok?
There is something I want to get straight, do you really plan to buy that house or not?

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Nao disse...

Hello... First of all, I'd like to thank you for all those tips. I am following this blog since its beginning and since then I never stopped checking it out.
I get really interested in each new tip or word that I don't know. It's hard to memorize all of then when you don't have such a big contact wich foreigns, but I still think you can do that by just creating your own way to learn english. Like that, you can take your fluency to a higher level. That's all... Keep on doing your great work!

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