quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2008

Decrevendo sabores

Steve, my new boyfriend, decided to cook dinner for me. I was really excited, that is, until I tried his cooking.
Steve: What do you think of the soup?
I thought: This is so bland, and what are these little lumpy things in the soup? Of course I didn’t say that aloud.
Elaine: It’s delicious. It has a very interesting flavor.
When Steve served the main course, a baked chicken, he asked,
Steve: What do you think of the chicken? Is it too salty or spicy?
I thought: Yes! It’s too salty and it’s so spicy I can hardly eat it without breathing fire. The outside of the chicken is overcooked and the inside is raw! But out loud, I said,
Elaine: No, not at all! It has an interesting texture and I’m enjoying every bite.
I thought: Oh, no. Is there more? Steve went into the kitchen and brought dessert.
Steve: What do you think of this cake?
I thought: This cake should be sweet, but it has a strange sour taste. Could there be something seriously wrong with Steve’s taste buds? But aloud, I said,
Elaine: It’s yummy. It’s the best cake that anyone has ever made for me.
And it was true. I didn’t care how bad the meal was. It’s the thought that counts.
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